The Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture (ICSA) is a 501(c)(3) organization connecting regional agricultural producers with the knowledge to address economic viability and resilience to/in a changing environment.

Boise Urban Garden Schools

2995 N. Five Mile Road

Boise, ID 83713



The Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) is a specialized, inquiry-based education organization that utilizes an organic garden setting as the foundation for their unique learning environment.  Each year they serve approximately 4,000 youth through their multiple education programs and since their founding, they have provided students with knowledge through “real life” experiences. They know that a student with the ability to dig in the soil, plant a seed, and watch it grow is excited to eat the fruits of their labor, and will understand the science behind a sprouting seed or photosynthesis. They’re also currently compiling a comprehensive list of the community gardens in the Boise area.



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